Technology Resources

marquardt middle school

At MMS, we provide every student the opportunity to utilize a laptop at school once the student and parent have read, agreed to and signed the “Required Use Policy” (RUP) form.

 In addition, we ask that all parents attend or view a “Parent Laptop,” presentation since school with the use of computers is so different than school has been in the past.  This meeting covers why we use the laptops, some of the ways we use the laptops, and some of the benefits of taking it home.  Further, it discusses proper care to avoid damages as well as parental tips.

Steps parents need to take before student laptop goes home:

     1. Watch the “Parent Laptop” presentation, which is available in any of the following                      formats:

  • Watch it online below 
  • OR request it be sent home on a DVD
  • OR request it be sent home on a USB drive
  • OR come in to MMS and watch it on a school computer

    2. Read, sign and pay for the take-home laptop insurance policy


    3. Once you have viewed the video below, please sign and return the Video Receipt Form:

Video Receipt Form (English)

Video Receipt Form (Spanish) 


Parent Laptop Presentation (English)


Parent Laptop Presentation (Spanish)


Benefits of taking the school laptop home:

  • OneNote and Skype for Business help students and teachers collaborate resulting in anytime/anywhere learning
  • Accessibility features help address the needs of our diverse learners: all reading levels, all languages, and all technological backgrounds, etc.
  • Gives everyone access to the same exact tools, which equalizes the learning environment for all learners
  • Access to constantly updated and upgraded software that is maintained by School District 15’s technology department
  • Teaches students the responsible use of technology
  • Higher GPAs