Reminder: NEW 2019-20 MMS School Hours

Reminder! There will be an adjustment to school day start and end times at the middle school and elementary schools for the 2019-20 school year. Previous school day start and end times to the instructional day created too tight a window for buses to travel their route from the high school to the middle school to the elementary schools and safely deliver students on time. By creating a larger window of time for buses to travel between schools, we can ensure all MSD15 students have the best opportunity to learn and grow.

2019-20 School Hours:


PK/K       8:55am-11:20am, 12:35pm-3:00pm
1-5          8:55am-3:00pm
6-8          8:05am-2:30pm


PK/K       8:55am-11:45am, 1:00pm-3:45pm
1-5          8:55am-3:45pm
6-8          8:05am-3:15pm

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